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Modern Advanced Image & Video-based AI Engine with hybrid-framework designed to deliver accuracy and speed
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Unique 3D-based training modules for fast training with limited dataset
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Modular solution that is hardware agnostic and flexible to deploy
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Our Industrial AI has been optimized for high accuracy and high-speed detection. For industrial domain, our engine is optimized for object, defect and incident detection. We supports both Cloud or On-Premise deployment. Our software is also available as One-time or Annual subscription licensing  model.
Perspectiv Labs AI Training software dashboard
Effective Training is key to achieving high accuracy in defect detection. We are working on an web-based tool to enable fast, easy & convenient training
Perspectiv Labs AI Engine image detection and masked subject photo
With both pixel and object approach, our AI engine is suited to deploy for both highest dimensional accuracy as well as GPU based high-frame rate detection
Perspectiv Labs AI Software monitoring dashboard photo
Our simple and customizable dashboard allows for defect visualization and reporting.
Visual Quality Inspection
  • Our AI can identify typical surface/visual features such as shape, color and size, etc.
  • Continuously optimized for manufacturing defect and variation detection. Some of standard being shape, size, scratches, dents, micro defects, color variations, etc.
  • Validate surface finish quality with high-pixel camera and identify parts below some thresholds.
  • With depth sensing cameras, it is possible to check for either 2D or 3d variations in products.
  • Variations from ideal end-product outcomes can be identified based on reference database.
Perspectiv Labs AI Industrial quality Inspection slide
Dimension Inspection
  • Our high high-accuracy AI module can be used to detect dimensional variations with up to 20 micron.
  • With depth sensing camera, our AI can be used to check for surface or 3D dimensional tolerances.
  • For high volumes, our modules are capable of checking for dimensions at speed up to 60fps.
  • Our AI can be trained for mix-part identification and simultaneous dimension measurements.
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Process Optimization
  • Our AI can be trained for process optimization and assembly related quality issues.
  • Our AI can perform video analytics on live-line and flag any variations from the intended performance
    like part mismatch, cycle time delays with macro & micro data for review & analysis.
  • Our AI can be used for identification and prevention of quality related issues.  
Artificial Intelligence Industry 4.0
Identify, Count, Sort
  • Static or continuous moving scenario, our AI can be used to detect, identify and count on-the-go.
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Text & Label Identification
  • Our AI can detect simple text, shapes and 3d printed labels on manufacturing parts.
  • Ideally, it requires a good lighting condition to detect labels,
    our solution performs better than standard tools because of our 3D based OCR training.
  • This may be implemented as mobile app for input capture and synced with central database / third-party solutions.
Artificial Intelligence OCR reader of Perspectiv Labs
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